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October 04, 2011

Mojo Magique, a unisex fragrance composed by master perfumer Jean-Marc Challain, extends a mysterious sensibility into the realm of perfume. As dramatic and multilayered as Louisiana itself, Mojo Magique, a fresh woody floral, starts off with a burst of citrus, followed by fresh florals , a warm fig note, and a drydown of spiced woods.


“We grew up on the bayou,” says John Kennedy. “My mother loved growing roses. Everywhere you go, you can smell night-blooming jasmine and sweet olive. Your senses are heightened by the lush, sensual, and almost tropical smells that surround you here in Louisiana, and we wanted to incorporate that into Mojo Magique.”


The Kennedy brothers’ attention to detail didn’t stop with what’s inside the bottle. Meticulous care also went into Mojo Magique’s packaging and lettering. Artist Doug Kennedy dipped back into the designs that put Mojo on the map, creating a magical design-scape for Mojo Magique’s box that include the flora, fauna, and archetypes both whimsical and dark that define Louisiana in the popular imagination.


Silhouettes are punctuated by the fuchsia color of the Southern azalea, alligators, owls, cats, and even a top-hatted Hoodoo man spraying perfume hang from the Spanish moss and leaves of flowers that snake around Mojo Magique’s formal white box.


The sketch book for Magique


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